What are Supplements Anyway?

Are you new to learning about supplements? Well, I’m happy to help make it a little more understandable!! I have to admit, before I educated myself about supplements, I thought they were actually really bad for you. I would even see people at the gym put powder in their shaker cups and think, “I can’t believe they are so out in the open about taking steroids!” Yes, I thought the powders they were using were steroids!! Ha. It’s so funny to me now.

Here are a few questions I get asked often (and my responses)…

  • What are supplements?
    • Dietary supplements can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and more. They come in many different forms. They could be a tablet, a capsule, powder that you add to your drink, or even protein bars. That means the B-12 vitamin you take….is a supplement!!!


  • Why should I take supplements? Can’t I get everything my body needs from eating whole foods?
    • Yes, eating whole foods and maintaining a well balanced diet is definitely recommended. Supplements should never be the only source of nutrients for your body. They are made to supplement the foods you eat every day. When taken properly, supplements will give you an extra advantage. People have different goals, such as building muscle, weight loss, or just general health and wellness. You would choose supplements based on your goal.


  • What supplements do you take?
    • I take different supplements based on my current goal. Right now I am into weightlifting and have entered my first NPC Bikini Competition, so I use Phormula-1, BCAAs, Opti-Greens 50, M-Factor Goddess, and more. I only use 1st Phorm products because I know that they are manufactured in a FDA-approved facility. I also personally know many of the 1st Phorm employees and KNOW, without a doubt, that there are no fillers or extras in the 1st Phorm products. I KNOW that they use only the top quality ingredients, too. I will be posting more information about each individual item I use, so you can learn and decide if it is something you want to try.


  • Where should I go to buy my supplements? There’s a GNC down the street and I know Walmart sells protein powder.
    • NO. Please don’t go to either of those places!!!! It may be cheaper, but that is because they are adding extra things (sometimes not even food) into their products to manufacture them cheaper! It would be better to not use supplements at all, than to use supplements from Walmart.
    • GNC’s employees are NOT certified nutritionists and their sales people make a commission! Personally, that would make me think that they don’t have MY best interest in mind. In addition, they have so many different brands. Do they really know how each product is manufactured and are they 100% confident that what the label says is 100% true. I’m not sure really, but I wouldn’t want to risk it either.
    • I recommend going online to www.1stphorm.com. They have tons and tons of information available on their products. They have bundle options, if you aren’t sure what to combine. If you still have questions, you can call 1st Phorm HQ. Anyone that answers the phone is a NASM certified trainer and nutritionist with a minimum of five years experience.
    • If you live in Missouri or Illinois, I would recommend going to a Supplement Superstore (S2). You can go to their website to find locations. www.supplementsuperstores.com . All of the S2 employees are NASM certified nutritionists and can help you come up with a meal plan, including which supplements to take. They have so much knowledge and are so helpful!!!

  • Why do you only use 1st Phorm products?
    • As I mentioned above, and simply stated, I trust 1st Phorm products. 1st Phorm uses only pure, top quality ingredients. They also manufacture their products in a FDA-approved SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level-3 Inspected Facility. Level 3 SQF Certification is a “Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System.” Level 3 raises the bar by focusing on food quality, as well as safety.
    • Here’s a video from the 1st Phorm CEO, Andy Frisella, all about the 1st Phorm difference. The 1st Phorm Difference Video
    • 1st Phorm is a PHAMILY. We all support each other. It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you have tattoos, the color of your skin, if you’re new to working out, or if you are a 1st Phorm sponsored athlete…we all support each other like family!


  • I take medication every day, can I still take supplements?
    • I am not a medical professional, so if you take any medications or have any health concerns, please contact your doctor before trying any supplements!

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