I have been involved in sports and fitness since grade school.  However, I discovered my passion for fitness in my late twenties while I was going through a divorce and many life changes.

I started off with running to clear my mind and build up my endurance. I did this for many years. Then I signed up for a gym membership at my local YMCA and fell in love with body pump, bootcamps, and many of their group fitness classes. I was always intimidated to use the strength training equipment out on the main gym floor. I just didn’t really know how to use it and didn’t want to look like a total fool figuring it out. Everyone else out there was already fit and didn’t seem to friendly to me. Fast forward to about seven years ago, when my husband and I joined Gold’s Gym. At this point, we were going to gym really early in the morning, about 4:30 am, and after making that our regular routine, we started seeing the same people in the gym every morning. This is where my passion for fitness changed drastically.

These people that were at the gym every single morning, were actually a lot like me! They weren’t obsessed with their appearance and judging me. They were there to work hard, dedicate and improve themselves, and push themselves to be the best they could be. So I began working out on the strength training equipment, with my husband showing me how to use them. Then, I gradually moved on to weight training and you know what? I was seeing an amazing improvement in my strength and mental toughness. I loved pushing myself farther than I thought I could go. In addition to all of these benefits, the early morning gym crew was becoming my gym family. We all encouraged each other, helped each other, and were genuinely excited for each other’s hard-earned successes.

I also have a blessed and full life outside fitness. I am married to the man of my dreams. I am a super busy mother of four kids. My oldest son is 20 and my only girl is 17. I also homeschool my two youngest boys, ages 8 and 6. Our homeschooling life isn’t anything like the stereotype you may assume. We are very busy, hardworking, hands-on learners every single minute of every single day. Both of my boys tested an entire grade level above in math and english. They both take karate twice a week, baseball camp once a week, and attend Awana once a week. Based on the season, they also play soccer, spring/fall baseball, and hockey. In addition to all of that, we usually have a field trip every week and we have about twenty kids in our neighborhood that my little boys play with every single night. We are, what I like to call, socialized homeschoolers. I like that I can apply my drive and thirst for knowledge and growth to our homeschooling process.

Another big part of my life, and really my whole life revolves around it, is my Christian faith. I want everything I say, everything I do, and everything I think to give glory to God. I truly love meeting new people and getting to know them. I’m not really good at just talking about the weather, though. I’ll ask you the hard questions. I want to know about the real YOU. I want to know YOUR story–your struggles, challenges, passions, and successes. I’m constantly in awe that God created us all so different and I know we can all learn something new from someone else.

A few of my other interests include traveling, taking active adventures, bible journaling, inductive bible studies, cooking, meal prep/clean eating, graphic designing, and crafting. Just for fun, some of the things I dislike and am horrible at are cleaning, fashion, home decor, and makeup tips. I have pretty much worn my hair and makeup the same since I was in high school. As far as fashion goes, I basically wear a tshirt and jeans or yoga pants every day.

If you made it to the end, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. My goal is to inspire other women, and if all the time I spend on this blog and social media inspires even just one person, then it is all worth every minute. I hope you will choose to follow all my social media and get to know THE REAL CHRISTEE.

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