12 Week Transformation Photos

So I’m closing my eyes as I hit “publish” on this post.

Never, in a million years, would I think I’d be posting photos of me in a bikini on the internet!!!!!! But, I’ve worked hard and I am proud of my progress. I just have to stop worrying about what other people think, but it’s ingrained in our minds to be so worried about our body image. Throughout this entire process I have found that the toughest battle has been mentally.

I grew up eating all sorts of horrible and unhealthy foods. In high school, I would drink 8-10 sodas a day, have a soft pretzel at lunch, and usually fast food for dinner! I don’t think I drank a single glass of plain water for years. Thankfully, I had a crazy high metabolism at that time and it didn’t really affect my weight, but I certainly was not healthy. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that my metabolism started slowing down more and I gradually started putting on some weight. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with my body because I worked out regularly and started to make better food choices. Then, when I was about 35 and I knew I was finished having babies, I decided that I was ready to really get rid of some of the body fluff. It was time to step it up a notch. I wanted to work hard, set a goal, and do whatever it took to reach that goal.

I began talking to friends and family and next thing I knew, I was hearing similar responses from everyone.

“You look good for your age.”

“You look great for having four kids.”

“You should be happy with your body.”

“We’re just getting older, that’s what happens.”

“I wish my body looked like yours.”

I appreciated these responses, and I know that all my friends and family meant well, so I just kind of accepted them. Fast forward to me at age 40. I decided that I didn’t like that I was just supposed to accept it and give up. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that I could work harder and get to where I really wanted to be. It wasn’t that I was unhappy with my body, but that I knew I could do something to make it better!

I had been working with a trainer, Jamie Speiser at Precision Fitness & Spa, off and on for a couple years. After lots of thought, I decided that I was going to do the bikini competition at the PINK Musclefest on Oct 14, 2017. There, it was decided. This was going to be my set goal, and I was ready to do whatever it takes to get there.

Fast forward through twelve weeks, and let me tell you, it was NOT an easy twelve weeks! There was meal planning, meal prepping, weighing out all my food, specific workouts to do on my own, plus working out WITH my trainer twice a week (and I basically felt like I couldn’t walk after leg day with my trainer). SO much to talk about, but I’ll get into some of those details on a different post. Anyway, twelve weeks later and I have my “official” transformation photos (or Transphormation photos, as we at 1st Phorm like to call it.)


The progress photos that I’m posting have a time difference of almost 12 weeks between them. While you may not be able to see too much of a difference, I can see (and feel) a huge difference! Not only does my body look different on the outside, but it feels a thousand times better on the inside!! You can really tell in my photos that I was extremely bloated in my “before” photo. Just like all the motivational quotes say, abs are made in the kitchen. Getting in shape does not mean just working out. It means eating healthier, drinking LOTS of water every day, using vitamin supplements to max out the nutrition your body needs and can’t always get from just eating food, and also working out and being active on a regular basis. I’m still amazed every day how God created our bodies as such a perfectly built machine. When it gets what it needs, it become stronger, more efficient, more productive, and you even get more energy!!


I’m only three weeks out from my competition now. This is really the crunch time, or so I’ve been told! It’s been interesting to see how my body has changed these last twelve weeks and I’m excited to see what the next three weeks will hold.