Our Mission Trip to Guatemala


My daughter, Hannah, & I have had a goal to go on a mission trip together for over the last four years. This year we were determined to achieve that dream and started our search at the beginning of the new year. We found the perfect one to best suit our passions and talents, and applied right away. We are very excited to announce that our applications have been approved and we will be headed to Guatemala in June 2018, through the Orphan Outreach organization! In the meantime, we are raising funds to pay for our mission trip.

Our Mission Trip will be to serve in the towns of Santiago and Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Both towns are severely poor.


Santiago is an area that was already poor, then became even more devastated by a giant mudslide years ago. This left so many orphans, and a number of towns that had to rebuild from nothing. In Santiago, we will be serving at:

-Good Shepherd School – serving through Christian education programs for the children, as well as working to improve their classrooms.
-Cerre de Oro community – serving the needy families of the Cerre de Oro community by providing smoke-free stoves and water filters. These families get so sick from drinking unclean water, as well as cooking for their families and inhaling the black smoke from the open fires. We will be trained on how to install the smoke-free stoves, as well as the water filters, and will go from home to home in the community to install those items.


Chimaltenango – This town has a community that are called the “People of the Ravine”. This community, literally, lives on the town’s garbage dump. Their daily lives consist of rummaging through the town dump every day and searching for items that their family can either use, or somehow sell to make an income. Their young children even help them rummage through the garbage every day. Many of these young children will spend their entire lives living on the garbage dump, just like their parents and grandparents did. We hope to go and not only serve in the ways noted below, but to also share God’s word and provide hope that they can do something more with their lives.

Love the Child Baby Home – This is an area orphanage and we will be serving by taking care of the babies and toddlers at the orphanage.
Comprehensive Care Center – We will be serving and loving on the children of the ravine that are being cared for at the Comprehensive Care Center.
People of the Ravine – We will be delivering food and item packages to the families of the ravine, as well as spending time with them.

We would really appreciate it if you would like to contribute any amount (no amount is too small!!) towards our fundraising goal of $5,000 for our Mission Trip. If some of this information or the posted videos have truly touched your heart and you wish to do more, please feel free to donate directly to the Orphanage here: https://lovethechild.org

Thank you so much for your time while reading this long post, and for considering making a donation. ALL donations will go towards our international airfare, meals, lodging, in-country transportation, bottled water, and anything mission trip-related. If we raise more than our goal amount, the additional monies will be donated directly to Love the Child Orphanage.